Selections From The Dictionary of Correlationism: Priestcraft

 Priestcraft: (n.) 1. The payment of money or other valuable objects to religious preachers, professors, and teachers, which potentially leads to doubts as to the sincerity of the teacher.  Common among apostate religions, and regarded as highly corrupting in the sacred Book of Mormon, P. is a principle means by which the Adversary introduces false, yet often popular or overly mysterious doctrines, into a religion.  Priests are then bribed, as it were, to teach what the people like to hear, or cannot understand, rather than what they ought to hear and may profit from learning, that is, Eternal Truths.  2.  P. is an imitation of the Revealed Order of Priesthood of CES, wherein religious instructors employed by the Corp. of the Presiding Bishop are voluntarily remunerated in exchange for reading The Manual (q.v.), which sometimes by happenstance occurs out-loud, and in the hearing of ‘students’ who are in no way encouraged or required to attend these readings, lessons, and discourses from these voluntarily remunerated instructors.  In addition, P. is in no way similar to the payment of funds to Generic Authorities of The Church, who give their time, talents, and resources to the building up of the Corporation, voluntarily, and yet happen to find that their bank accounts are, as it were by magic, but in actuality by the Hand of the Lord, replenished on a bi-weekly basis.  This replenishment is among the Greater Miracles, on par with the Miracle of Fish and Loaves.  With these meager funds The Brethren may find time to drive The Church’s luxury autos (leased by The Church, and so not given in payment for services to The Brethren) to, say, Utah Wooleries, where they enjoy freely given executive accounts for the purchasing of necessary robes, ties, shoes, slacks, and Italian suits, as well as fine recreational clothing worn during proselytizing sessions at local country clubs.  Though also by their own merits placed on the Board of Directors of numerous for-profit corporations and conglomerates, and flown about the world in first-class seats in order to visit God’s Children and thus to feed (spiritually) their (spiritually) starving souls, it can be truly demonstrated that all these Blessings are not given in return for religious preaching, as the current policies of The Church forbid teaching, preaching, revealing, seeing, and prophesying of any kind.

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