World-leading, values-based digital content marketplace

You Can’t Make Up Corporate Marketer Pseudo-Intellectual Nonsense Like This:

From a article announcing the promotion of Mr. Petroff within Deseret Digital Media DDM:

“DDM continues to be forward-thinking by putting the measures in place to ensure it is providing the products customers really want from a media company,” Petroff said. “Guided by Clark’s vision and leadership, I’m eager to continue executing our mission and helping DDM play a forefront role in meeting consumer demand through a data-driven approach.”

Before taking on his new role, Petroff served as vice president of new media sales and ad product development for the company.

Petroff’s previous experience includes more than a decade in executive management in web analytics and online marketing. He has also held online marketing management positions at Omniture and Onestop Internet.

“Not only has Mike led DDM to become one of the highest growth businesses in new media, he has shown a remarkable ability to innovate organizationally and within new product areas,” Gilbert said. “Mike is an effective leader and is deeply committed to our vision of becoming a world-leading, values-based digital content marketplace. He has shown a consistent ability to innovate and deliver extraordinary results.”

Good Heavens, some things are forefronting even satire’s role in realizing absurdity.