Selections From The Dictionary of Correlationism: Faith

Faith: (n.) 1. Synonym for belief, but because used in ‘religious’ spaces, what is believed by virtue of ‘faith’ rather than believed by virtue of belief, somehow steps beyond assault by reason, evidence, experiment, or truth.  2. A religion, but since ‘religion’ seems stuffy and fake and ritualistic, enlightened persons speak of ‘a faith’, and others are thereby required to allow what is done in the name of ‘a faith’ to be done without accountability.  USE: Formerly used to describe one’s hope-driven adherence to covenants made with invisible and or unknown persons, e.g., infidel, fidelity, faithless, unfaithful, the newly discovered real meaning of the term as a fancy word for belief was an important ‘driver’ in the movement away from covenants and toward a more felicitously softer, squishier, psychologized theology; to be ‘faithful’ is the residual term from this earlier era’s usage, long since abandoned for self-oriented spirituality.

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