Voice and Dress Manners For Boys and Girls, Anytime!

While not officially part of the Young Manners Manual, these graphics nonetheless make explicit how teens should speak, and clothe the body; but like the Manual, the concern is not so much about spirituality, but something else: being fashion-wise.  The first is blithely cruel in its offering of stereotypes with portraits to match.

The second features not only some silly teens, but also Elaine Cannon (editor of the New Era section of the Improvement Era’s 1960s insert, and herself a widely read journalist at the time) at her best, when teen dress norms were less heavy-handed and a good deal more fun to read about.  Skinny jeans are now banned at BYU-Idaho? Why did we begin taking ourselves so seriously?



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  1. J Bean says:

    Banned…and overturned: http://gawker.com/5865998/mormon-colleges-skinny-jeans-ban-debated-overturned

    And get a load of that creepy flier posted (I assume) at the BYU-I testing center.

    According to this notice, one’s commitment to “honor” an (unbreakable!) agreement to dress in accordance with an ever changing standard of modesty (so-called) reflects one’s spirituality and discipleship; and that, my friend, is a very serious matter indeed.

    “Hold on there! I can discern ‘the shape of your belly button’ through your top!”

    The girls there are not without all power in the matter. Apparently some have pushed back on those brave enough to confront them about their “immodest” ways with retorts like, “Why are you looking at my pants/skirt/cleavage?” The specter of sexual harassment is enough to cause at least some of the faculty to back completely away from the issue.

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