Elves On Strike, Fatcat Santa Concedes! Juvenile Instructor’s 1926 Christmas

Peruse this edited Christmas (PDF) edition of the Juvenile Instructor, complete with the usual garment ads, sly attempts at motivating parental guilt, and, best of all, a pro-labor parable of elves on strike at Christmas City, with fatcat management Santa forced to change his ways.   It ain’t The Mansion, but perhaps President Monson might find it inspiring enough to quote next Christmas…


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  1. Peter McCombs says:

    A demented L. Frank Baum might have written about the kinky-beard Santa who leaves behind pictures of starving kids on Christmas day. Yes, it’s about time for Santa to take a break from ignoring* the billions of starving people in order to put some of his Christmas omnipotence to good use!

    Anyway, I think I feel a new family tradition coming on. I can even now picture a joyous Christmas morn wherein we all become acquainted with the awful condition of the Greeks and so forth. Indeed, I declare that every time Christmas falls on a Sunday, it will be “Fast Christmas” at my house. Hurrah for the Juvenile Instructor!

    *Why isn’t there a serious investigation into the theodicy of Santa Claus?

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