Claremont Conference: Paper

Many thanks to Patrick Mason and the group at Claremont for hosting a very good conference.  He managed to bring together what are to my mind altogether opposed persons and principles, without explosion: which just shows that the word “Mormonism” has a definition currently under construction.  We heard that Mormons make good employees, that God is a CEO and so on, mere Romneyism; but also some good thinking on consecration, stories, and inequality.  I’m told that video of individual presentations will be posted this week somewhere (Vimeo?).  Here’s a PDF of my paper:

Corporate Culture DSmith ClaremontGU Presentation


  1. Just re-read your paper. Better with each reading. The corporate model that the church has adopted is directly opposed to the teachings of Jesus in the NT and the BOM. So now what? “It” must fail/collapse in order to have a course correction. We “gentiles” have predictable (prophetically ) screwed things up. Your paper needs to be shared it to a wider audience. thanks again for all your efforts/work. It is very much needed.

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