New Political Poll and Polygamy

The NY Times has a summary of a few polls tracking “favorability” of various practices and things, among Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

Polygamy is acceptable by 5% of Republicans (R), 14% of Independents (I), and 11% of Dems (D).  Here’s a list of what is more acceptable than one man marrying two women (the sequence of numbers refers to R, I, and D):

Gay and Lesbian relations (36, 58, 66)

Abortion (22, 40, 52)

Pornography (21, 32, 39)

Suicide (9, 12, 21)

Human Cloning (10, 9, 13)

Apparently if The Mitt Romney of Tomorrow ran for political office, he’d have more success as a gay pornstar abortion doctor, who dabbles in human cloning and advocates suicide as a solution for life’s troubles, than if he treated two women as wives.  The fact that Joseph Smith remains beloved by a great many, studied and admired, despite such prejudice against his lifestyle, shows just how much truth he must’ve brought forward.



  1. measure76 says:

    Yes, clearly this is a testament to the greatness of Joseph’s work!

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