1. DJL says:

    Nice. The Lord is merciful. Hopefully the “sharp rebuke” message was heard.

  2. the narrator says:

    What does it mean?!?!?!?!

    1. day2mon says:

      I assume the exuberance of punctuation indicates insincerity? In any case: The fire was started by a track hoe developing million dollar properties behind the stake center, recently sold by the city. The flames rushed almost on a line to the home of said developer (Patterson), which was spared with the exception of a barn. Now, if I was seeking for gain by acquiring public property enhanced by a religious structure, and a flame started as a result of gain-seeking, and that flame raced to my home, I would not be so eagerly seeking the same “track”. A warning? I think so… but I’m backwards and ignorant, as some have pointed out. But also a statement about the right way: believe in a Creator who is good, and willing to forgive and to wash away our destruction, finishing with a rainbow.

      1. JHM says:

        The story I was told was that the Alpine fire was a sign of “the times” and was put out as a result of rains called down from heaven by the combined prayers of those faithfully following the prophet’s letter (read over the pulpit last week in sacrament meeting) to ask their Creator to intervene so that said developer and others woud not succomb to the flames.

        Interesting the stories that can be imagined (and then be made to fill in for the truth) when actual details are scarce.

  3. Rosalie Smith says:

    Great photography!

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