Ensign Peak Documents: Round One

Due to the Bloomberg article, there’s some actual interest in Ensign Peak Advisors.  Here you can download some documents I’ve found, and a PDF of pages from The Book of Mammon.  Maybe someone can help put it all together.  This isn’t all I’ve got…

Map of the business location


Documents: Investments and So On

MDU agreement EPA

Enron Ensign Peak


20071102_3_Allegati_Esito Ensign



  1. Peter McCombs says:

    Who can put it all together? Who can make sense of the vomit and filthiness that fill all the tables, so that there is no place clean? In our day, even the priest and the prophet err in vision and stumble in judgment.

    I think your documents begin to shed new light on the saying, “the crown of pride, the drunkards of Ephraim.” It’s a dizzying maze indeed.

  2. Peter McCombs says:

    Just saw this:


    Probably worth some discussion.

    1. day2mon says:

      What sort of independence is it that depends almost entirely on the donations of others?

      1. Chuck says:

        I thought something similar when, from across the room, I saw the title of this article displayed in big bold type on my home computer monitor recently. Isn’t ‘independence’ one of those relationship type words, implying two parties? Financial independence from whom or what, I ask? Surely not from the very ones making financial donations in their support, given at their behest. Unfortunately, the article doesn’t seem to address these questions.

        It’s my guess that whoever came up with that title has spent too much time listening to Björk. 🙂

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