Favorite Theses From BYU (repost)

Here are a few important theses from very serious Masters students at the Lord’s UniversityTM.  I swear these are not made up:

DeShazo Possibly the best title ever…

Hendrix Sad…just sad…

Oborn Sad…just sad…but it got him into Harvard’s Biblical Gender Studies Program (thanks TT!)

Beuhner Why did we ever stop saying “lady missionary”?

Bassett Early Metafiction

Horsley Why wasn’t this guy ever made an apostle? Can we make him one now?  Why not? Oh, I know why…you guys are in that possible trend occurring in religious philosophy in a geographic area, aren’t you?

Hirschi As if Seminary Bowl needs your approval.  The Bowl doesn’t need your stinking approval.  The Bowl is good.  There is nothing wrong with the Bowl.  The Bowl was used by Adam (see Moses 7).

Cunningham We all know what you mean by “certain patterns of affection,” perv!


5 thoughts on “Favorite Theses From BYU (repost)

  1. rpoulton says:

    Initially, I was impressed that he would set down his guitar to address such a pressing need, then I learned it wasn’t Jimmy, but some other Hendrix dropping acid.

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