New Products! Order Now While Supplies Last!!! (repost)

In order to keep up with rising food costs and lower take home pay, and the downturn in the economy, and the fiscal cliff, and many other phrases I hear politicians repeat, I have decided to allow advertising on my blog.  Our first sponsor comes from a reputable company run by a student at Utah Valley University, who majors in LDS-oriented marketing (certificate), and he hopes someday to become a first counselor in the Elders Quorum (not that he’s striving for the position, but if the Lord asks, he’d be willing to take up that cross).

General Conference Goggles ($15.99 or 7.5 tithing scrips)

Are you terrified of another weekend sitting before the TV, next to relatives or spouses or children who adore General Conference, but don’t yet have the faith to LOVE IT?  What about BYUtv Reruns of Conference Addresses?  Or Firesides with the Teens?  Or yet another holiday talk about finding the true meaning of Christmas?

Then, brother, we have delivered the solution to your worries . . .


Yes, that’s right . . . These transform all those Fearful faces into Happy Faces, speaking directly to YOU.

You’ll be singing along with the grandparents and the kiddies to “If You’re Happy And You Know It” before the Sunday Afternoon Session is over!

For Demonstration Purposes Only:

You, before you buy our product:


You, AFTER you buy our product:


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