Not A Bad Year For Mormons

Overall, 2012 was Almost The Year of the Mormon:

National League Rookie Of the Year and Brigham Young Look-A-Like: Bryce Harper (and most patient autographer; see below where my daughter with the white flower in her hair was nearly crushed by his fans)


BBergTrueSecond Worst Magazine Cover: Bloomberg (and also best quote from Mormon Anthropologist)

Second Place for Heisman Trophy: Manti Te’o

Second Place for President: Mitt Romney (sooo close!)

Top Album on Amazon: Imagine Dragon (frontman)

Next Top Album on Amazon: Neon Trees

Top HS Recruit in Nation: Jabari “I’d be crazy to go to BYU” Parker

Top Broadway Musical: The Book of Mormon Musical (admittedly, not really “Mormon”)

Second Place: Computer Generated Conference Talk Imitator: Brother Porter’s GenConPreview (more on this one later . . . )


First Place Computer Generated Conference Talk Imitator: Tie: David “Max Hedar” Bednar (v.12.2); Tom “The Monkey Puppet” Monson.