1960s Home Teaching Film: Brought To You By Correlation

Here’s a video from BYU, excelling in melodrama, which tells exactly what can be accomplished by Priesthood Home Teaching: Healing the sick, reactivating the father of the sick, sucking up to quorum leaders, pleasing one’s wife, curing Jocko the Primary Demon of his ADHD, and so on.


Whoever wrote this thing was seriously messed up.  The guy sells attendance at church as an investment, “one hour for an eternity.”  John the boozy dad eventually piles a bunch of wood on Dave’s driveway; misinterpreted by the incessently sincere Dave as good old fun.  Eventually the Lord gets involved, leveraging a sledding accident into guilt, showing the Drunk fool what a terrible person he is.

Some passages of the film, be warned, somehow exceed in dullness and dread even an actual visit from the Home Teachers.


  1. Marcy says:

    That is SO bad – its FANTASTIC!!! It’s Mormon Mad Men – Weird craziness amidst that cool 60’s style.

  2. FP says:

    Wow…just wow.

    I thought you were kidding about the name “Jocko” until I watched the film; you got me again. But seriously, makes me wonder how I saw past all this (and I saw plenty of it) as a convert.

    Here we have some imagined guy, “Smooth” Dave, stepping up to cure some imagined illness in some imagined loser named John (complete with beer and hay-seed Utah accent), in a film ostensibly portraying Home Teaching – a part of priesthood correlation (which is not about “numbers,” Dave, like ward teaching, and apparently is not to be confused with the Home Teaching of today – that scriptural “duty” of all priests/elders/hp’s which IS tracked most carefully); a film produced and sold to the Priesthood Correlation Dept., no doubt, using the same MO as that of the modern church A/V Dept., for all the same reasons (and an example of the earliest uses of COB-type personas, perhaps?). “If we can just get them to come to church (on their own, that is; you know, because they ‘want to’; which of course they would be doing if they wanted to anyway), then in spite of the fact that they *appear* to be happy, they really *would* be happy.” What’s the saying about motes and beams and hypocrites? And whatever happened to the Golden Rule in all this? “Wickedness never was happiness” we tell ourselves. What a really good thing it is that god invented the Priesthood Home Teaching Program (which is what “ward teaching” was the whole time, Silly; it just took correlation to show us that). Line upon line, baby; here a little name tweak, there a little name tweak; it’s the (unchanging) “principles” that count; and with that magic, Dave is offered as the shining example of a righteous priesthood holder, just when he is needed most. Oh, and that makes him oh so hot in his wife’s eyes (and maybe in John’s wife’s eyes), too! Pay attention, young men of the church; you know you want a devoted wife like that–home teaching can offer you an eternity of one willing to butter your bread for you in the middle of the night when you’re hungry for something, and can’t seem to unwind and sleep; that, and other “eternities”–a ridiculous word only a true, polluting gentile could come up with, when used the way Dave used it–await, all for a mere half-hour investment a month!

    The correlations will continue until Zion improves, I suppose.

    As rude as John says he had been to Dave, several times in the film I thought he was being the more charitable and long-suffering of the two; for, if I EVER saw those who supposedly loved me throwing pleading glances at my home teachers, wishing I was more “like them,” or shaking their heads in despair like that as I drove off, for whatever reason…well, I’m pretty sure I’d get a little ugly, and would maybe even leave a pile of a different sort on someone’s driveway/stoop as a result…let’s see how funny you think that is, Dave.

    But thank God for his kindness, and let us count our blessings for leaders who receive constant revelation, particularly for Uchtdorf, for having the huevos to stand up in Conference a few weeks ago to try and put an end to this kind of “Mad Men” Mormonism…I echo his simple words, “stop it!”

  3. So sickeningly sweet, I about barfed. I see where members get the idea men must have the priesthood or they would have nothing. Gotta give them some feeling of power…too bad it is all a big, fat, fake they readily buy into! And “Jack-o’s” father? Would God punish the family or boy because his father does not attend a church building made with the hands of men??? NO!!!

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