Up In Smoke: 1960 CES Satire on Big Tobacco

Welcome to the Humbar Smoker’s Hour: presenting Up In Smoke, Church Education  Style, sans Cheech and Chong.

As far as I can tell, it’s a satirical film on the schemers, ad men like Mr. Manning, scientists, and execs at Humbar Cigarettes.  Real Mellow, real mellow.  The fat cat southahna’ CEO seems like an ideal candidate for Presiding Bishop, in today’s Mormonism, but that’s the way the filter tips.

Hey Daddy-O, bring me a Humbar, I’d rather have it than pie.


  1. ignorant19 says:

    I couldn’t help but find irony in an organized religion producing this video. The dialogue between father and son is hysterical when placed into the religious context.

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