Restorationism and Cargo Cult (repost)

Perhaps a decent comparison with Modern Mormonism, and its obsession with Restoration, Militarism, and Material Prosperity, is the Cargo Cult

One cult taught that the first page of the bible was torn out, and it revealed a genealogy that linked the tribes of PNG to Abraham.  And although I meet one necessary condition of being John Frum (being born on his day), I am not, as far as I know, John Frum.

Imagine, a millennial supermarket, stocked by the U.S. Armed Forces.  Add Modesty Clothing = Heaven!


4 thoughts on “Restorationism and Cargo Cult (repost)

  1. JH says:

    Mormons actually have a very strong presence on White Sands, Tanna (the home of the John Frum Cargo Cult). It was actually one of the first places that saw large groups of baptisms in Vanuatu. Many ni-Vanuatu cult members are also members. I once asked a former Fiji Suva Mission (former mission for Vanuatu) about why he thought there was so much success in White Sands. He told me it was because the people believed that the missionaries and the coming of the Book of Mormon (colloquially called “Joseph’s buk”) was foretold by ancestors (tubana) after WWII. Joseph Smith is clearly identified as being somehow connected to John Frum. I just didn’t have time to figure out exactly how they were when I was in Vanuatu this August. Maybe next time. Either way, if you go to any branch in Port Vila you’re bound to find a lot of members from White Sands who just love John Frum.

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