Improvement Era: Life’s Roadmap: Girlie Magazines, He-Man Smokes, And Beer Picnics

Check Out Reviews of Vol.1 and 2 of the Cultural History of the Book of Mormon
Denver Snuffer: “Enjoyable and `tough love’ throughout, this is an unrelenting stare into the eyes of the foundation of the beast which now claims to be the Restoration through Joseph Smith. If you have an appetite for candor and a willingness to go on an adventure in humanity’s insufficient best-efforts, then you will find this a great read. This is Mormonism stripped of varnish and left naked, completely unaided by soft lighting and an unfocused lens. The truth requires something as important as the Restoration through Joseph Smith to be allowed to define itself, not to have pretensions and presumptions act as substitute.”

Rock Waterman: “I’m not engaging in hyperbole when I say A Cultural History of the Book of Mormon is the most important book I have read in a very long time. It’s a game changer. It has forced me to completely rethink many of the things I have long believed were fundamental to my religion, and seek again for truths I had been ignoring. Frequently while reading the book, I would have to put it down for a moment to allow my head a chance to stop swimming.”

Now, the Improvement Era (repost)

Here’s a wonderful little roadmap for the “ideal” LDS life.

But, note how folks detouring through roadside makeouts, beer picnics, drug dealing, drive-ins, hotrodding cars, and skinnydipping, look altogether smilingly happy?

Of course, the speeding convertible is about to crash into the skinny-dipping couple, which does sometimes happen.

We all know why being a door-to-door salesman a forbidden path, right?

And, take a look at the dude ogling the “girlie magazines”


  1. Daymon,

    I remember seeing this as a young man growing up in South Africa — how very white it is too!!

    1. since the days of Adam, when the Serpent employed a Big Band, as in previous worlds, to provide background music for his beguiling of Eve.

      1. For in those days arose a great Band, that played a groovy rhythm, but nevertheless made a rather noisome noise. And so great was the noise thereof that the daughters of Eve could not hear the spirit’s whisperings, saying “Hey this guy isn’t interested in your ‘sweet spirit’!” But behold the Band did cover the voice of the spirit with toe tapping rhythms and the daughters of Eve were led into diverse paths and lost.

  2. Daymon,
    When is the next volume going to be released. You have me chomping at the bit!

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