For Your FHE Study: Proclamation On Race with Official Seal

In addition to the earlier post on Race, and its non-scriptural, non-biological roots, I provide the following pdf files.

Would these make their words more of a Proclamation than a mere Statement? Is the difference really in the formatting? Or in who is speaking? Or to whom they speak?  A proclamation is oriented to an audience, while a statement ordinarily names the properties of something said or written. In any case, these are pretty cool (thanks to Mr. Anonymous), and for your use in Family Home Afternoon.

While You are Here, Yes YOU, why not look over the most recent volume in a Cultural History of the Book of Mormon?

AAA statement: race

Newsroom Statement: race2


And finally, you can put this Official Seal of Approval on all Newsroom Proclamations, Statements, Utterances, Guesses, Suppositions, Declarations, Communications, Sentences and so on: