Wow. I mean, Wow.

Here’s a link to a forum for LDS protectors of freedom.

In this particular thread, the matter under discussion is whether Joseph Fielding Smith was “right” in 1961 when he claimed men will never, ever go to the moon.

Seriously, this is actually under debate: Was Joseph Fielding Smith correct, or not?

Totally fake!!!  How could I have been so foolish?

Here’s another question for the LDS Freedom forum: Do I exist? Perhaps someone is pretending to be me, worked up photos, bio, and so on. Prove I exist, for I am now in doubt, using the reasoning of some of your scholars: I have only pictures to see myself with, and I don’t make contact with myself, and it is physically impossible that I was created by sexual intercourse, according to physics. I was invented as part of a propaganda effort, to show how easy it is to convince myself that I exist.

Now, I can understand entertaining doubts about the Creation and Noah’s Ark, and so on, because one can always say, “God made it so.” But in this case, we are forced to explain away a lot of tangible evidence–such as satellites, cell phones, TV, weather channel, and the testimony of thousands–in order to keep Fielding Smith a prophet. No miracles, nor believe, only to keep our doubts alive about the Govamunt.

Incidentally, Wittgenstein said the same thing about men never landing on the moon (in the 1930s), although I think he’d admit he was wrong.

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  1. Vaughn Hughes says:

    Given what we learned in HP group on Sunday from the first page of chapter 2 in the Correlated JFS manual (COB Monday morning: “who missed that one!?!?”), we should all now understand very clearly what it means to be a “Special Witness”. In this case, even after JFS’s 38 years in the Travelling High Council. It is absolute, certain knowledge that doesn’t include first-hand experience with Christ. Whether JFS could thus have such certain, absolute knowledge about future lunar landings should therefore not be in question. And whether the bulk of such LDSFF frequenters could misapprehend the reality of the Lunar program should not be in question, either. We certainly all know a lot more than we think we should, Daymon!

  2. End User says:

    Do you exist? It’s entirely possible that your blog is generated by an artificial intelligence and that you only exist as a creation of the author of the AI.

    As someone that has participated on LDSFF for over 5 years I can say your analysis of the forum is missing the mark in multiple ways, starting with your introductory sentence.

    The poll asking “Was Joseph Fielding Smith wrong about the Moon and Space?” was much more about whether or not people believe the Moon landing was faked than whether or not JFS was a prophet. Yes, the moon landing actually is under debate.

  3. DJL says:

    Unfortunately, I think that if there were no correlated manuals to feed us our weekly gruel, then the types of subjects you see on LDSFF are the things people would talk about at church. That would certainly be more entertaining, but I still think irrelevant. This sort of thing (the “poll” that they conducted) just seems like a way to bide our time while we wait for “something” to happen.

    Is it required that we have an opinion about this nonsense just so there is something to talk about? (Personally, it seems like a waste of breath to me). I suppose that there is some good, in that it does produce some evidence in that we can see what we don’t have. But until there are the miracles, healings, and abundant gifts of the Spirit among us spoken by Moroni, I will assume that our faith is still lacking and that the sideshow will go on.


  4. Googley Bear says:

    NO NO NO! You totally misrepresented this thread ! In reality, the poll/debate in this thread has been mostly about believing the moon landing was faked or not.

  5. Michael says:

    Yikes, I have lost almost 15 minutes reading the posts on the moon landing. I agree the thread is about whether the moon landing happened not so much about what JFS said. However, what is of interest is the change in the LDS leadership approach to speculation. In the past they were not afraid to give an opinion on space travel, tell us the will of God on race, or how the active Lamanite Mormons were turning white. Now we only get Mormon Humanism and have turned Jesus into a teacher of good values and Christianity into following those Jesus values. It’s too bad we will never hear a prediction of what the Mars Rover will or won’t find or what Voyageur (sorry I am Canadian and so use French spellings) will or won’t find Kolob. It would be nice if we did to compliment the beige that is Mormonism in the 21st century.

    1. day2mon says:

      yeah, it is nice that they used to say things we could find out were true or false, and not merely argue over whether what they said was morally right or offensive.

  6. Jethreaux the Hoodoobilly Mormonite says:

    End User, what’s the point in believing the moon landing was a fake? In order to uncover a lie? Big deal; people talk almost constantly, and I “believe” most of it is BS anyway.

    Michael, what’s your point? Why is a change in approach to speculation by the leadership of some group interesting? Why is it too bad we will never hear a prediction about Rovre or Voyagre? (Sorry I am from the South and so use British spellings for things like proper names, and feel the need for long parenthetical statements to call attention to them, and to needlessly explain them rather than simply spelling them as decided by those who came up with the names in the first place…that is, assuming we believe they were actually funded, built, and launched and their existence was not faked.)

    On second thought, End User, and Michael, don’t answer; I won’t read your responses, anyway…

    And how is it one can even debate someone’s belief? Q: do you believe the moon landing happened? A: yes (or no)…Response: interesting; may I ask why? A: because I believe it to be true…Response: I don’t agree…How is this even a debate? I can’t see why anyone would care what someone else “believes,” unless by finding out, one can then cubby-hole that person (do Canadiennes use this phrase? My apologies if not) and see where they stand in relation to them. Isn’t that one real effect of polls, surveys, interviews, exams, Q and A, etc?

    1. day2mon says:

      I heard that he said so, but it was in a private conversation, and not quite as loudly proclaimed as the original prophecy. But I’m happy to pass along the rumor, nonetheless, for it is a good rumor.

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