Reading Project 1.3

Third installment of the cultural history of the Book of Mormon Reading Project:


Also, just a heads up: When I put up the final installment of volume 1 next week, I will also be removing the first installment from this blog.  Should anyone come late to the party, and want to read it, they will have to find a person with a copy.  Please do not post any of the PDFs on your blogs or other open-access sites, as they remain under copyright, and are provided here for personal study only.  I don’t know, but probably some kind of curse accompanies the violation of that instruction.

Also, Volume 4 Part A is finished, and will be available in a week or so (I just need to check physical proofs one more time).  4B should be ready the week after 4A is published.  Volume 5 will be published next month.  Thanks for Reading!