Reading Project Vol.2A, and release of Vol.4!

A few things on this post:

First: We are starting Volume 2 of the ongoing Cultural History of the Book of Mormon Reading Project, with Book A: Voicing Being Power.  The “coding” follows that outlined in the original post on the Reading Project.



Second: As stated, the price of both books in Volume Two will be reduced to $17.50 for this month.  I would prefer readers purchase these books from the publisher, Createspace, by following the links:

Volume 2A

Volume 2B


Third: Should you wish to purchase a “unified” Volume Two, containing both books, this is now available.  It can be purchased from the publisher today, and from Benchmark Books (in a few days).  This is a big book, and the price is $27.50.  It will not be sold on Amazon.

The Cultural History of the Book of Mormon: Volume 2

Fourth: The files for Volume One will be removed week by week, as well.



Volume Four is finished!

It also comes in two books:

Four A: What Dreams Have Come

Four A is available on Createspace, Amazon, and on Kindle.

I don’t trust Amazon to pull up this volume, if you search “cultural history,” however.

They are having problems there, for example, Volume Three: Beta Waves, which must be searched for with the exact title, or it only appears in the Kindle format!  The same is apparently true of this Volume Four: What Dreams Have Come.  I don’t know what their problem is, or how to fix it.  I suspect they are pushing Kindle formats over paperbacks.

You can find all the books (hopefully) on my AuthorPage .


This brings us to Volume Four B: Bodies of Word.

UPDATE: This title is now published, and can be purchased here, or on Kindle and Amazon in a few days.


  1. Thank you, Daymon!

    And thanks to your family for their sacrifices, as well.


  2. Thank you for doing this, Daymon.

    I’ve added your hardcopy books to my Amazon wishlist and hope to be able to buy them soon. Please let us know when volume 4B is in hardcopy. (It was not listed on your author page.)

    I am at page 161 of your first volume and am learning an incredible amount. I had no idea. Thank you so much for writing these books.

    1. Never mind. I ordered all 4 volumes. No problem with getting 4B.

      You have turned my world upside-down and am glad for it.

  3. Daymon,
    A sweet Utah couple who recently discovered my blog were kind enough to send me an Amazon gift certificate by way of thanks for assisting them in reconciling their faith issues.

    Guess what I’m gonna buy with that certificate? You guessed it -Volumes 3 and 4 of the most important series on LDS history and theology that has appeared in more than two decades!

    And to think when I was a wee lad, me sainted mother told me blogging would never pay.

  4. We are downloading the most recent part of your work.

    We have been setting aside (husband/wife) time to read it together in the evenings, and it’s a very enlightening (says husband). Wife, who briefly took anthropology as an undergraduate can at least say, “these are anthropological terms here”, while husband explains other things. Together we are understanding much of it, but realize how many gaps our education from so many decades ago . . . (fragment) has.

    Thank you for your generosity. We live far from Utah and don’t have family to visit there, so we don’t have a lot of access to current “Mormon study” from any perspective, except what we get from the internet.

  5. Am I too late to start volume 2? I am just finishing the paperback version of vol 1 I bought before you started posting them here…

    Other comments: I think (and I’ve told others) this first book is the single most enlightening book convening Mormonism I’ve ever read. I don’t know how anyone can consider themself informed about our religion if they have not read this.

    Lastly, your writing makes me feel like a backcountry uneducated bumpkin.i was a straight A honor roll byu attending smartest in the class type of kid and I have a hard time reading and comprehending this book and book of mammon. Thanks. For making me feel stupid 🙂

    1. Shawn, you make me laugh. I’m sure someone can send you the pdf. If not, I’ll send it, or we’ll figure something out. Just keep reading, the difficulty in the text has less to do with intelligence, and more to do with an unfamiliar genre. I’m not that smart, really.

      1. Just bought the unified book from publisher. At my current pace I should finish it in about 2 years

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