Reading Project 2B.3

Free download of the Third installment of Volume 2B: Follies Epic and Novel, part of the ongoing Reading Project of the Cultural History of the Book of Mormon.

Volume 5: Book Fantasia is now available from Amazon, Kindle and Createspace, and a “unified” volume 3 will be available on May 1.




  1. What?! You haven’t been excommunicated yet? Dude, you’re seriously falling behind! Get with the program! How is it I got ex’ed for reading your book?…and not you for writing it! :o)

  2. Hi Daymon, Will u ever do some books on the cultural history of the bible? Reason i ask is i want to know if this illuminati/nwo group everyone talks about on the internet nowadays actually wrote the bible or at least changed it to fit some ulterior motive.

    1. No plans to do so. I would need skills in ancient languages, and tons of money for travel. If anyone wants to pony up, say, $1mil for the private tutoring and travel and research costs, I would consider it. As for me, I wouldn’t put too much time in reading about conspiracies online. Surely if the secret combinations are smart, they are smart enough to fill the internet with nonsense.

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