BoM Cultural History: Reading Project 2B.4

Another free download of Volume 2B: Follies Epic and Novel, the final installment in this volume.



And if you haven’t already seen it, a presentation on the Book of the Lamb is available on Youtube, drawing on material from Volume 5: Book Fantasia.  A unified Volume 3 will be available soon, as will a unified Volume 4.



6 thoughts on “BoM Cultural History: Reading Project 2B.4

  1. pmccombs says:

    Hi Daymon,

    Can you elaborate further on Bakhtin and the idea of responding with “laughter and not heresy?” I’m trying to imagine what that means.

    Obviously, it is not easy to free oneself from an authoritative discourse when engaged on its terms.

    Does your cultural history represent some attempt at laughing the truth? I do find myself laughing from time to time as I read it. It’s not the happy sort of humor, though; hence I’m not certain of its therapeutic qualities. It feels to me like satire–say, Dilbert or The Office. Absurdities are pointed out, and we wouldn’t laugh except that we understand them because they are based in truth. Dilbert wouldn’t be funny at all were it founded on imaginary foolishness.

    I find that my own laughter, when I employ it as a retort, simply means, “I got nothin’ (but wish I had).”

    1. Babs says:

      I was left wanting more on that too. Esp where u said something how we should be careful our laughter doesnt become cynicism or mockery. Why not cynicism? Healthy cynicism might have saved some lives from following BY over a cliff.

      1. day2mon says:

        but where would that cynicism take them? avoiding one pitfall is not really good, when we remain unable to go anywhere, hoping the ground won’t shift or split under our feet.

    2. day2mon says:

      the CH is not really an attempt at laughter in the manner Bakhtin speaks of. I mention his claims because it seems to point a way out of history-internal argument, heresy/orthodoxy, etc. At least it offers a way to preserve a distance obtained by the history.

      Laughter differs from other discourse for obvious reasons, and I agree regarding your doubts about the therapeutic results of the CH. It does not really offer a positive way, not until the 5th volume, and there I can only point to a possible path. The bitterness of satire/sarcasm only seems to give us distance from the power, so we can see it, perhaps in despair. But we remain in its orbit, it seems, so long as we are not yet free to laugh the way children laugh at funny things, and not because they are defending themselves from abuse or violent powers.

  2. Grateful says:

    I apoligise for not adding to the discussion but I am still unable to download this portion after trying for some time. Any ideas? Also, as a long time follower I was a week late to the start of the “book club meet”. Would anyone be able to help me obtain parts 1North and 1East? If this is permissible from Daymon, perhaps a short time bombed file at fileshare etc? Any help would be apreciated however I am reluctant to publish my email address due to previous experiences elsewhere. Kind regards, a grateful reader.

    1. day2mon says:

      If anyone knows how to pass along the file, please go ahead. I’d like them to be passed around, just not posted on a blog.

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