BoM Reading Project Vol3Beta.3 and Vol.5 excerpt

Third installment of volume three: Beta Waves, in the ongoing Reading Project of the Cultural History of the Book of Mormon:



Also, if you have completed any of the volumes, from 1 all the way to 5, I’d love to hear what you’ve learned, and if what you’ve learned has changed how you practice/think about “Mormonism.” Again, I’m interested in hearing from those who’ve only finished Volume 1, to those all the way through Volume 5. I have no plans to use your words as advertisements, by the way; it would be nice to hear from readers, however. One can begin to doubt the value of one’s books, when a value other than monetary is of interest. You can reply to this post as a “comment,” or if you’d prefer to send something privately, send to

Finally, I’m providing this excerpt from Volume Five: Book Fantasia, drawn from a chapter discussing Nephi’s Vision and Prophecy.



Cult.Hist. BoM Reading Project 3beta.2

Second installment of Volume 3: Cycles of Deep Sleep: Beta Waves for your reading pleasure:



One other thing about Volume 3: the spell being cast over the material used in this particular volume, readers will have a difficult time staying awake.  Seriously.  I fell asleep many times while writing, and re-writing, and so on.  And I also felt sick, after spending so much time with the material.  This volume is the most spiritually difficult, in my opinion, for readers to make it through.

BoM Cult.Hist. Reading Project VOL3 BETA

This month we begin Volume 3: Cycles of Deep Sleep.

First up for your downloading pleasure is BETA WAVES.


The first part of Volume 3: Beta Waves sees the author reconstruct how the modern institutional church arose from the Sunday Schools and YMMIA organizations, showing how the Book of Mormon was reshaped as curriculum taught by generic instructors to imagined pupils. Central to this reshaping was the creation of an imagined Book of Mormon World, a work of writers like George Reynolds, Moses Thatcher, James Talmage, and B.H. Roberts. Their metatextual labor integrated the imagined World of the Book of Mormon with the rising administrative structure to give us a very different way of reading that book.


In addition, you can now purchase from the publisher the “unified” Volume 3: Cycles of Deep Sleep.


And also, unified VOLUME 4: The Imaginary is now available.