Cult.Hist. BoM Reading Project 3beta.2

Second installment of Volume 3: Cycles of Deep Sleep: Beta Waves for your reading pleasure:



One other thing about Volume 3: the spell being cast over the material used in this particular volume, readers will have a difficult time staying awake.  Seriously.  I fell asleep many times while writing, and re-writing, and so on.  And I also felt sick, after spending so much time with the material.  This volume is the most spiritually difficult, in my opinion, for readers to make it through.


  1. I remember you saying that in class, but I forgot when I was reading Beta Waves Sunday afternoon. I fell asleep. Partly from despair, to see it all laid out so catechismically clearly?

    1. For someone who has to take xanax every night in order to get a coveted 4 to 5 hours of sleep, the materials’ spell didn’t have this slumberous effect. Like Alex DeLarge finding himself unable to simply close his eyes to the images laid out before him, I found it impossible to be put to sleep by volume 3…not that it isn’t the most spiritually difficult, as you warn.

  2. I just finished volumes 1, 2, and 3B (Delta), not realizing that there was a volume 3A! I’m wondering if the sentence fragments beginning many sections in vol 3 are intentional or not…they’ve got me quite confused. It reads like something got cut off mid-sentence, rather than as a deliberate stylistic choice.

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