BoM Cultural History Reading Project Vol.3Delta

The first installment of Volume 3: Cycles of Deep Sleep: Delta Waves for your reading:




  1. Hi Daymon – Thanks for posting these. I don’t want you to think it’s unappreciated. I’ve had some starts and stops reading your stuff, but fundamentally I believe that what you have compiled out of our history is very important. It’s on my agenda to start making my way through these!

  2. I second Ryan’s words. Your work is incredible, and I’m very grateful that you’re making these available for free. Bless you, Daymon, for your selfless work so that we can better understand the Book of Mormon.

  3. The very highest quality of literary/religious/historical (I am not sure I’ll get any of these words right) chocolate (single source, fair trade) just got downloaded at our house!!!
    Sorry; sometimes I get carried away. You needed that week off.

  4. Hi Daymon, Do u have any scoop on any current general authorities being freemasons? Are any of them freemasons?

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