Cult.Hist. BoM Reading Proj. Vol.4

Volume Four of the Cultural History of the Book of Mormon, Reading Project, starting with Book A: What Dreams Have Come.

In this volume I trace how an imaginative landscape populated by many genres has been layered on the Book of Mormon, moving from pop-culture fictions like B.H. Roberts’s romances, to Hugh Nibley’s scholarly imagining, concluding with various Sealed Portions, Archives, and other Messages from Beyond inspired by the Book of Mormon.

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3 thoughts on “Cult.Hist. BoM Reading Proj. Vol.4

  1. Kevin says:

    Sounds like a fascinating volume coming our way, Daymon. Thank you again! I’ve looked at Nemelka’s translation of the ‘sealed portion’ but couldn’t quite figure out what he’s trying to accomplish beyond perhaps trying to make a living in an unusually creative manner.

  2. Good Will says:

    I marvel that you have been spared excommunication having written passages such as this:

    “To recite proof-text from the Old and New Testaments, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine & Covenants, Bible Dictionary, and whatever else someone on a committee or someone knowing someone on a committee happened to stumble upon, as though these all spoke of the same reality — were but maps one might patch together to give a thorough picture of real world — is an absurdity full of vain pride, and foolishness only possible under the star of Restorationism, being fixed to the cursedness of a kingdom claimed by Brigham Young and the pioneer Mormons, grown into the World of the Scriptures presented for the miseducation of Mormon Boy and Mormon Girl, since grown into a publication economy that thrives on copying, cutting and pasting, and recitation of received tradition, utterly misrepresented to the sleeping reader as though it was all addressed to You. Then You are to take this nonsense and train others in it, by baptism marking their initiation into a condemned people whose minds have been darkened for nearly two centuries, having wrought cursings by their own hands, who had a spirit of deep sleep cast upon them by a merciful, but surely exasperated father.” Vol. 3, pp. 196-197

    The only reason you have been “overlooked” is because you are not understood…and, unfortunately, because the Brethren have calculated that virtually no one will bother to read your words, virtually no one having either the stamina or the intelligence to sustain interest.

    Could your “message” be “repackaged” — simplified and consolidated — into something less than 5 volumes? With less prose, philosophy or arcane investigations? Or is drumming out the dirty laundry and rambling through the minutia of mangled texts required to positively destroy any confidence one might have in the institution or its hierarchy?

    Where do you stand now, may I ask? Do you have any faith in the credibility, inspiration or “power” of the leadership, at any level? (Or do you evaluate it on an ad hoc basis, i.e., Is this guy inspired, etc?) I imagine the world of Mormonism looks very different to you than it does to the “average” Mormon, even to those that believe.

    If you’re like me, your faith has been purified in Christ or, rather, distilled onto Him rather than onto anyone or anything else. The rest is potentially (if not usually) bunk and almost always suspect. The Book of Mormon is true. And Joseph Smith stands supreme as an inspired translator, even a prophet. But we who have received his words? We walk, unfortunately, in darkness.

    Denver Snuffer, more than anyone I have known, is beginning to pierce that darkness, revealing truths beyond the traditions of men, truths my soul has grasped but has been unable to distill into words for a very long time, having “stumbled” over so many impediments of “religion” and “philosophies of men” placed in my path. I don’t condemn or reject the Church. I just don’t believe it to be what it pretends to be anymore. It’s not what it pretends to be. That is obvious — but “obvious” in a sense that is evident only when contrasted with something else. The Church, by contrast, is the best thing this telestial kingdom has to offer. But in contrast with the power of God — with dispensing the gifts of the Spirit, receiving new knowledge, entertaining angels, opening the heavens — the Church is a turd. Is dead. Is dead. Is dead.

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