Songbook, Updates

I’ve updated the links to more RECENT ESSAYS

Man, it’s a bit absurd how much I’ve written, but not published.

There’s no doubt some posts you’ve not read, but might enjoy.


Maybe sometime this year I’ll put together a book with the best material…




I’ve also added to the Mad Mormon Pasts Series

*The Oral Love Project by Joseph Fielding Smith

*The glorious 1960s BYU films on smoking, booze, and FHE

*The 1915 YW Beehive Manual, alongside the famous 1950 one

*The Improvement Era Series


Now, for the 24th of July Around the World:

For all the Children in Zion to Sing!!!



4 thoughts on “Songbook, Updates

  1. ferdi says:

    U sure it’s the same T-Mon (or T-Man as he’s known in the hood) who wrote this book or another- T N Monson, born in ’48 rather than ’27?

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