Mad Propz, Mod Prophz

My book review of Prezident T.S. Monson’s latest opus, as posted on Amazon:

this be a shoutout to yall Mod Prophz!

HEY OOOOHHHHHH! hashtag #modprophz

Just came cross this new book o scrip-chure:



It’s like straight outta the Bible, yo, this boy, his name be Tommy, he OFF Da HOOK!  ##modprophz

He getz a kray-z notion to light a locofoco, just ta watch the world burn!



But he outruns it, and then some guys come along and puts out da fire.

But for like a page, I was all, “is he gonna make it?  is he?”  and like, “why god, won’t you save tommy?”  He only made this one mistake, and you all, you gonna burn his ass up??  That be harsh, god, mad propz.

And the pichures was like, Wha?????  No he di’unt.

—————————–yes, that is the review.


I will submit it to Mormon Studies Review, I suppose.  They like this sort of intellectual grabassery, being serious pranksters.

But my personal favorite of T-Mon’s revelations is surely, You Gotta Wanna:

Notice his plom de neum, or “pen name” for you philistines out there.










  1. day2mon says:

    Wha???? mad respect to ya’lls otha Amazon reviews! more like Ah-mah-zing-on.

    1. CWT says:

      More like Ama-zion…I once cooked a meal for some hungry people in England, and had to use one little match to light the hob…just shows how one seemingly small act can make such a difference. There are consequences to everything!

  2. lemuel says:

    Yo day2mon, imma let you finish, but “The Not Even Once Club” is the best kidz book of all time! If li’l Tommy had that book, he never wooda burned them bushes.

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