Vol.5.2 Cult.Hist.

Second installment of volume five of the cultural history of the Book of Mormon.


Sorry for the late post, but have been spending time listening to Denver’s latest talk, among other things…



  1. Will be interested to hear your thoughts on talk #10.

    Thanks for sharing your books for free, by the way!

  2. As much i rarely comment on your blog, i want to say that i really appreciate your generousity, may the Heavens bless you.

    Well, owing to the much fuss that Denver’s lecture #10 has causing in some online discussion groups, i can hardly wait to hear your perspective (though if were asked, i’d say that BOMCH Vol. 4b, has really shaped how i view a lot of ’em Joseph Smith wanna-be of our time – and yes, that’s how Denver comes across to me, but still, i look forward to your opinion of the entire evolving scheme).

  3. I’m still trying to catch up…got bogged down in Volume 4a…plus I attended Snuffer’s #10. It was a mixture of spiritual euphoria and absolute dread. When he finished, all the air was sucked out of the room. People KNEW that “following” Snuffer any further meant being EXCOMMUNICATED from the LDS Church. There would be a great price to pay. And people didn’t KNOW which way to go.

    We will ALL have to come unto Christ, I imagine, to find out for ourselves.

  4. This Snuffer fellow must be some kind of sensation. “Thanks for the cool books Daymon! Hey, have you heard what Denver Snuffer recently said?” That guy seems to have a lot of fans around these parts, as if there were some new mass movement erupting in the Mormon underground. There’s been this weird exercise in making a prophet by saying that one is not a prophet, and in making a follower by saying that one is not a follower. Exciting!

    From what I’ve seen so far, I think you not-really-Snufferites suffer from the same nonsense Mormon epistemology as the “mainstream” people who, rather than asking after wisdom, tire God with boring questions about whether or not a person, institution, or book is “true” and priesthoody. I am entertained by the online arguments over whose unbelievably sublime spiritual witnesses are the **most legit** (Three here got yesses for Monson on MormonDialogue! Two more coming in now for Snuffer on Tim’s blog! We’re getting some hearty NOs from the ex-Mormons over on CAF!). The Lord is busy vetting his agents from the center ring of his Divine Circus.

    Hey! You guys take this stuff too seriously. I figure you should be LOLling your way through a Snuffer lecture as mirthfully as any General Conference talk. It appears that God is an Artist, and he’s a little bit nuts. Keep that in mind next time you find yourself confronted by that which someone _thinks_ the good Lord is up to. Just my opinion.

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