Final Cult.Hist.BoM 5.4

Thinking about some things, and so on, led me to add a few more writings to this final installment of the Cultural History of the Book of Mormon, volume five: Book Fantasia.  I am sorry I did not provide them earlier.






  1. Max Faktur says:


    I just clicked on the links provided for abridging works and book of mammon, thinking it was an excerpt of an afterthought but seems to be the entire book. If this is a mistake then you ought to see to that. If it is part of your generosity, then omg- that’s incredible a gift for those who can’t afford them.

    I think you ought to get paid for your efforts- I purchased abridging works on Kindle with joy.i hope you are doing well enough to support your precious family.

    Along with the guy who writes the onewhoiswatching blog, there are no greater thought provoking voices on The Book of Mormon related things, though you both differ sharply. I believe you both are the most unique, varied and original ‘mormon’ voices since Joseph Smith. I am sincere about this and just as grateful to be exposed to both of you. Ironically I’d imagine both of you share the same dilemma- a limited readership amongst lds and non-lds Christians. This is a sad reflection on those who cannot break tge hold of the flaxen umbilical cord that steadily feeds them the traditions of their fathers.

    1. day2mon says:

      thanks Max, for your kind sentiments, and for reading the cultural history.

  2. achee jnr says:

    Hello daymon
    on page 175-76 of cultural history 4a you state that ‘revelation of jesus’ means all His personal revealings to various humans rather than the traditional lds meaning of the word. I tend to agree. Yet, you state on the next page that the revelation of john is exactly that- that which was revealed and given to john to write.

    any reasoning behind the discrepancy?

    Thank you for your books. Extremely appreciated in my home.

    1. day2mon says:

      achee, you’ve probably caught me speaking what I think, and then falling back into patterns of old thought. The phrase “revelation of John” could be, I suppose, a “revealing” of John; or I just used as a title-phrase which I give more definition to in Vol.5. In any case, I’d say vol.5 explains what I mean, regarding John’s “revelation”, although perhaps John has some revealing left in him? thanks for reading carefully.

  3. Nlocnil says:

    Thanks Daymon. After trudging through the very dense CHOTBOM Vol 1, your tales of Cobbery present a welcome and lighter fare.

  4. achee jnr says:

    Thanks daymon.

    I say you have done a marvellous job showing us what the Book of Mormon is NOT. Kind of like your ‘Not articles of faith’ but the opposite approach for us simple minded folk, would you please do YOUR version of the ‘articles of faith’ (kind of) to set the record straight as to the many BoM intricacies ie:
    -actual geography?
    -joseph a prophet/seer or not?
    -d&c true or false, or which parts are specifically?
    -d&c 76 bogus? Rigdon didnt really see the vision?
    -sect 124 true?
    -who the heck are the lamanites?
    -all accounts of healings and angelic visits in e as rly lds history bogus?
    – etc etc

    live your work. Please, set us right by drawing a line in the sand for the simple folk.

    1. day2mon says:

      I’m going to get up a post to answer these questions.

  5. achee jnr says:


    That was meant to be:
    -‘early’ lds history
    -‘love’ your work

  6. acelino morales says:

    Having just finished 4a mr daymon I can only feel deep sadness for daniel sepping. What a tragic tale. I pray that grace is more than sufficient for this broken soul who sounds so sincere in his love for his and our God. Heartbreaking but I understand his inclusion.

  7. acelino morales says:

    I have just researched daniel Sepping. The truth is always with another side. Seems he is have many frauds and crimes with his revelations. He makes his voicing in revelations sound tragic but has other motives. Sad but dangerous too.


    1. day2mon says:

      I’m glad you looked into his story, but the crimes don’t make his tale less tragic, I think.

  8. yogalife24 says:

    I have downloaded every file except Fantasia 5.2, I somehow missed that one. Could I get you to send it to me via email? I would greatly appreciate it! It’s the missing piece.

    Thank you!
    Stephanie R.

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