Gift Idea? A new BOOK? Obviously.


What?  Another book?  Yes…

So, you want to get your old grand-dad a book for Christmas?  But don’t want to ruin his illusion of a tightly run, monetarily efficient church, that nonetheless only helps widows by dispensing Sacred Funds, say, by giving him the Book of Mammon?  And maybe you don’t want to utterly destroy your auntie’s illusion about a Restored Church/Priesthood, and cure her of a fascination with the Bible and the assistance it provides to her reading of the Book of Mormon, say, by giving out the Cultural History of the Book of Mormon?  Well, friend, have I got a book for you!


A new book, even.  Well, sort of a book.  A libretto in Five Acts, for a maybe-forthcoming Opera, called City of Saints.  It begins in Missouri, near the end of the Mormon War, and takes you through the very-suitable-for-opera love and power struggles at Nauvoo, concluding with the everyone-dies scene at Carthage!

You can purchase it for 15 U.S. dollars from Amazon.  Yes, for the equivalent of two hours cashiering at Toys ‘R Us (pre-tax), you can have (or give away) perhaps as many as 10 Hours of reading pleasure!  That’s a 5:1 ratio of Pain to Pleasure.  And, boy will City of Saints give you or that special someone on your list some pleasure!    To establish the credibility of that ratio, I provide the following PDFs from the book itself, a mere sample of the entire text you could have on your shelf as soon as you send Amazon the digital equivalent of 15 U.S. dollars!

From Act 1:


From Act 5:





  1. Donald says:

    Shucks Daymon..”I am an old grand dad with illusion overload…..what a bummer to discover this about myself.

    1. day2mon says:

      Well, the reality is its the Granddads who more often than not realize that; their kids could use the books, but it’s like splitting hemlock knots, and so on, to get kids to read nowadays…

  2. lemuel says:

    No kindle version?

  3. nahguli says:

    Kindle versions are brilliant for us non-invited-to-zion types that live overseas!

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