O.L.G.A: What is it? (repost)

After advocating a sort of don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy regarding “deviated sex practices,” and having notified all the quorum of the position of the First Presidency, a change in direction was taken in the late 1970s, due, of course, to the hippies. And the communists.  And probably Feminists wanting equal you-know-what for equal work.

Apparently displeased with either the ambiguity of the previous reply to the inquiry of Mrs. Luci Atwater concerning deviated practices, or perhaps because that reply was not issued to all the units of the church, a Rae Huish asked for clarification (or permission) regarding “oral sex.”  Better to ask for forgiveness, you know, than permission.

The reply was swift, and unambiguous:  1977 Oral Sex Response Letter

Oral Lovemaking in the Genital Area was forbidden.  Soon the church issued t-shirts to all the priesthood and relief societies of the Church, “OLGA is No-Go” and the Sermon on the Mount was changed to read, “Ye have heard it said, by me just now, thou shalt not ogle they neighbor’s wife, but I say unto you, this, also, which I forgot to mention: if thou hast committed or permitted OLGA, at any time preceding or following the sealing ceremony for time and all eternity, even the marriage of one man to one woman, with any woman, including thy own wife, helpmeet, or husband, thou hast done it unto thy neighbor’s wife.  And that’s bad, too, obviously.  Worse if you are a dude, and you married a dude.  That’s even worse, like unto murder.  Murder, I mean, of a non-white of a white person, like, that bad.” (Matt. 24:21).

To give you some sense of how totally white this church was in the 1970s, there was more uproar about men with slightly more melanin in their skin being ordained to priesthood, than there was in declaring certain practices between husband and wife, “forbidden”.


While you are here ogling my blog, why not read an excerpt from the Cultural History of the Book of Mormon?  It is, in my estimation, the sort of book which can very much change you, and your experience of Mormonism, and your reading of the Book of Mormon.  If you’re into that sort of thing, I mean.


  1. Phineas says:

    Can I ask where you found copies of the two letters you linked here?

    1. day2mon says:

      From an anonymous person who has sent me all sorts of letters and declarations, collected by him/her from others “inside” the church at various levels. Sorry I can’t be more explicit, but it was that person’s request to not be named.

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