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I am currently writing a blog post.  The subject is ____________.  Please comment.


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  1. Bryan says:

    Oh, I get it. The Church is nothing, just a big empty blank. I always figured your goal was to lead people away. I’m glad you finally just made that clear, Damon – “I’m a wolf devouring the flock” – Smith.

  2. Bruh says:

    3.5 stars. Compelling but lacked a conclusive summation. Would recommend.

    19 of 22 found this helpful.

  3. leone says:

    Have been checking everyday for a blog post for the last month. Considering your promise at the start of the year to write about the books of Abraham and Moses, you’ve delivered as much as a SLC apostle as conference. Lucky for me that you don’t charge a subscription like they do- I’d want my money back! LoL And you’ve become as bad with replying emails – in fact i thought you were dead. Or, finally got a calling as a church leader.

    Bryan, your comment is weird. I could write a blog post about it.
    Firstly, a guy like Dehlin is an example of a wolf who draws away people and his statement of belief or lack thereof, justifies this. His very biased interviews compound this. If his eyes rolled any more during interviews when his every 25th guest says they believe the Book of Mormon, he could easily get be mistaken for an arcade clown.

    But Daymon? He can defend himself but as a big believer in the book of Mormon, i wonder what i would be doing here poring over all his stuff for if he was a wolf? He flat out states the things Joseph Smith translated are true and that Jesus is the very Eternal Father. Likewise, he has said that the corporate church is an oxymoron. It is a group of people who control an abstract money making entity using the book of Mormon and claiming to sit in Joseph Smith’s seat, if indeed his seat ever went beyond the gift of translation. Once again, Daymon can defend himself here.

    But u can’t be a real wolf in a play jungle that doesn’t exist. I left the so called church in SLC because for all its claims and outlandish controversies and contradictions, not one has ever produced anything worthy of being called an Apostle. I would put the SLC leaders on par with the tele evangelists. Just without the energy to smack someone in the forehead nor the charisma to speak to a crowd without a pre written boring ‘talk’ on a teleprompter (copyrighted by the Holy Spirit of course ). No miracles, no revelation, no nothing.

    The wolves are in SLC. They’ve got you fooled. And they’ve got your money.

    Daymon, you wanna start charging for your two public appearances this year like them? Maybe then Bryan could be justified and also get a tax deduction on his subscription.

    In case you are not getting it Daymon, could you please write more?! And Bryan, could you actually please read more of Daymon’s actual writings?

    1. bobsonntag says:

      I interpreted bryan’s comment as a satire of the kind of knee-jerk reaction that people like to have to religious blogs lately, not a genuine accusation of wolfing. Maybe it’s because I came here to make a similar sarcastic comment. I think his comment makes more sense in that lens.

    2. Bryan says:

      Sorry, Leone, the intent was indeed satirical, the point being, not only, as bobsonntag notes below, that people have a knee-jerk reaction to things certain bloggers about Mormonism say, but also that people will read into the writings of some bloggers whatever suits their purpose–especially where the purpose is to denounce someone as apostate, etc. I had in mind in particular the recent excommunication of Rock Waterman. The only evidence against him was his blog, which the folks sitting in judgement over him either hadn’t read or had interpreted in accord with their (or the Church’s) foreordained (no pun intended) conclusion. So I’m suggesting that if the church, or its member’s safety unit, or whatever it’s called, decides Damon is guilty, anything he writes, including a post about nothing, could be turned into evidence against him. — But I’m hoping he doesn’t get called into one of these kangaroo courts.

  4. Phil Berry says:

    DS must be all verklempt.
    Here, I’ll give you a subject. Prophetic comedians.
    Comedian prophets.
    Talk amongst yourselves.

  5. leone says:

    I agree with everyone agreeing about agreeing with everyone (no chiasm intended).

    Actually i hope DS and i and everyone else who has the obvious facts on the crappy corporate they call a ‘Church’, do indeed get a disciplinary council…its all the rage lately! Like tattoos above the butt-line of young everywhere (with all apologies to G. B. Hinckley ).

    The more of us that can get a word in, even at a final council before being ex-ed, the better the chance of men in suits who’d never hear the truth otherwise, being given something to consider. Something called truth.

    Screw the liars who pretend their prophetic titles. Blatantly ripping off the gullible, the innocent, widows etc as well as the ones with the traditions of their fathers. And using the name of God to do it…simply by printing the BoM. Shameless pricks. Hide from the scrutiny of the public eye by having PR Departments and lack of financial transparency. Secret chambers indeed.

    I can’t wait for my turn before some council of high council men endowed with supposedly amazing powers. Puh-leez.

    The more of us that leave, like those who heard Abinadi and left that great leader King Noah for the humble church in the wilderness with Alma, the better.

    I have no sympathy for these liars at the top.

  6. leone says:

    Having been taught by after the traditions of their fathers is the very excuse warned against in the BoM.

    That they ‘KNOW without a shadow of a doubt. ..’ blah blah that they in no way possess any possible fraction of power of apostleship and still shamelessly claim to be such, is inexcusable.

    Case in point is that all converts were once bound by chains to their father’s traditions yet at some point wake up to this. Then the truth comes in the form of the BoM. They rid themselves of the previous traditions and throw away the delusions.

    Thus my point is- how come not a single LDS leader in the 15 have ever done an Alma and walked away from the others, shunning their traditions of grand delusion? I’ll tell u why- they are NOT under delusion. They know exactly who they are and what they are doing. Not a conscience to be found on those shameless jerks that propagate this ridiculous fantasy that they indeed are true prophets and have the power of God unto themselves. Their secret meetings in the secret chambers show an underlying conspiracy to keep the legends alive. And that my friend, is a very conscious effort of said group. It involves money and secret combinations amongst the top leaders to help each other get rich. Like the gadiantons amongst the gullible nephites.

    The delusion is on the people who give these fake fakirs and suited sages their money, time and unquestioned devotion. The 15 just laugh at the gullibility of the LDS masses. Fundamentalists aren’t exempt either.

    How do i know? Takes one to know one.

  7. mxhudso says:

    The entertainment value of this blog is awesome! I love the sense of humor. As Daymon talks about in his book, we need to learn to laugh at the powers that be in the corporate Church – a much more healthy response to the nonsense. By the way, I wonder why all of the stories are out there about Elder Scott leaving the Church?

  8. DJL says:

    We’ve fallen into his trap! Don’t you see that we are unknowing participants in an experiment about metatext? Except, I don’t know that I would call it that. There was no original text to bounce off of… just a ______________. So maybe we should call it meta__________. But then again, if we’re starting with _____________, how can we make it meta? It’s like the chicken and the egg. Which comes first, the meta or the ____________?

    I see your crafty plan, Mr. DS. You want to show us that when we are put in a vacuum, where there is nothing to text about text, that we will spontaneously create a subject, and expose where our hearts might be. Or just talk to each other and have fun.

    How could we ever operate in such a world where we have to come up with the words, based on our own hearts? We need something to meta!! Tell us what to meta!!!


    Wait, I do think I hear something, but I can’t quite make out the message. It’s more like a rhythm than it is words. Yeah, now I hear it even louder. I can use this!

    There’s something inside of my head-a
    I hear it at work and in bed-a
    It tells me, “You’re great!
    Go out and create!”
    To hell with the text that is meta!!

  9. leone says:

    DJL u are soooo in the hood!

    You sooo would never get the priesthood if they found u rapping like this- mark of Cain issues immediately evident

  10. pmccombs says:

    You’re writing a blog post? I think you should end every every paragraph in a cliff-hanger.

  11. Chuck says:

    I offer this comment in response to your blog post. Please like (or +1, or RT, or whatever) if you agree.

  12. leone says:


    Some things are just too good to be true.

    I have a distinct impression that the Richard G Scott thing is a hoax. There was an ex mormon guy Steve something- can’t remember now- who had a website claiming to be the One Mighty and Strong, and whose job it was to ‘flood the book with the original BoM’ and expose the LDS leaders for their secret abominations. I remember that he had made a prediction that R. G Scott would be the first to leave the 15, and the trouble would start from there on.

    Perhaps someone read his website and then perpetrated a hoax accordingly? !

  13. Fergus says:

    Whatever the state of Elder Scott’s heart, leone, the inflammatory page is gone. They probably saw the wisdom in avoiding whatever the letter from Kirton McKonkie threatened.

  14. leone says:

    Yes, lawyers. Scary dudes.

    Well we can only hope Richard G Scott truly does come out. Better be careful with how i use ‘come out ‘ – Dehlin would have a field day with that

  15. talulah says:


    This question is specifically for you: there is obviously something serious going on with the large amount of church members opening their eyes to the awful situation they’re in, for Elders Dall Oaks and Turley to have this big ‘Rescue’ meeting in Boise this last weekend. It is completely unprecedented (notwithstanding the earlier Swedish version- however this time a so called ‘Apostle’ aka Lawyer, Top Dog, Grand Pooh Bah etc left his Ivory Tower to make an appearance).

    What is your take on this?!

  16. Toni says:

    “Anyone want to play hang man? The ____________ is 12 characters long.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Ryan W , June 12, 2015 at 1:48 pm ”

    Is there an A?

    And, in the interest of time, how about E and N?

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