Second Post In the Blog Post Series

Now, if again I said, “I’m writing another blog post on __________” it would probably not generate the sort of playful comments the first did.  It would get old, fast.  And die.  That is strange, to me.

And yet, if I wrote another blog post on Whatever, it would somehow generate laughter, consternation, frustration (“What is he saying?”), insight, and so on.

What is the text for, then, in today’s blogified-commenty world?  Are we so desperate for conversation?  Can we even bound off the noise, and create space for silence?

How far can we reduce the text (to a blank line?) and still generate metatext?  It would seem like whatever people call “The Church” is indeed currently engaged in this sort of experiment: reducing text down to minimal phrases to be posted on “Social media” and then allowing others to generate metatext in these and other spaces.  But we don’t get silence from this.

What emerges, other than conflict, smug satisfaction, and all the evil that characterizes so much of our mean, lowly blog conversation?  Light?

How far can someone reduce the phrases?  Down to nouns: The Prophet(s), The Apostles, Obedience, Faith… They aren’t saying anything, no matter how sincerely breathed out. They are creating darkness, where there is not the Light. In these cases, they aren’t using language, but a corrupted facsimile of language.  Their minds are darkened, and I have not the means to bring to it any Light.

Those whose minds are darkened have done something to turn away from the Light.  A conscious choice to unbelieve, perhaps, which could be just as reasonably believed.  Or doubting their own senses, and relying on the voices of the (dubiously) Powerful.

Yet, they are able to generate endless metatext (most of it not Language), despite seldom creating text consisting of Language.  Strange, how a blank line can generate language, and then hierarchies, good-and-bad guys, misunderstanding, further explanation, forgiveness, and so on.  See the comments from the last post, if you doubt.

I really don’t have anything else to say, I suppose, for now.

I don’t have answers to questions about the Book of Mormon or The Corporation, at least that I’ve not already published.  I hear questions whose answers are already and readily available.  I’m not interested in guessing why such-and-such is the case, or shaming or honoring so-and-so.  Generally I would say: Keep reading.  Or enter deeper into another’s darkness.

It is just here, at this point in my life.  And blogs are not conducive to sharing that “it is here.”  So I’m taking a break, until I have something to say to someone reading this blog, something other a prayer for unborrowed light.  In the heart of the Living is a fire of pure Light, and bounds are set to this light, lest it destroy as a flood all that is not Light.  Through the fire, through the flame, you won’t even say your name.  You say I am that I am.  In our remaining Darkness we might shape the images of things, and set about worshipping these images, as though they might illuminate our darkness, or give us eternal life.   But the Darkness is more than an absence of the Light where we might be free of its truth.  It is an Unlight, a perversion of the Light which nonetheless (and because of its nature) will receive Light, and will give it back to us as an image, or an Idol.  These Idols bound up the Light, as in a stone with a secret name, or flesh that survives on borrowed light, say, from a strawberry.    I can’t write it, in other words. It is just here.


8 thoughts on “Second Post In the Blog Post Series

  1. Ryan says:

    This really strikes a chord with me. I have read it twice through and it reminds me of some thoughts and feelings that I have had about all the noise. I like to think that I am ‘awake’, but maybe I’ve just rolled over to my other side and flipped the dream over, but still dreaming none the less, still in the dark. Pretending that I understand but really just lost in so much metatext and not turning to the text. Not coming up with my own dream, but borrowing dreams from others. Saddened when I see others wanting metatext from others, realizing that I want it too. So thanks for providing some silence. Thanks for what you have written it has always made me think.

  2. Daryl says:

    We are all trying brother. Your distress is not lost on me. You – Nor I – know the endgame brother. Keep it real. Jusayin.

  3. jeffthesavage says:

    This is resonating a lot with me as well. It is one thing to receive light–a remarkable feat in itself, I am coming to realize–and another thing entirely to spread that light. Maybe that is why Christ so often taught in parables? Because the only way to gain light is by yourself, on your own. “Teach nothing but repentance unto this people,” indeed.

    Return to me, says the Lord! Repent! Everything this world has to offer is nothing more than the husks the pigs feed on, so just come home.

    But how…now that is another reason to blog. Once you’ve awakened (which only lasts a short while, as Ryan alludes to, before it must be re-started), the next question is “okay, now what?” I, at least, am so unlearned in the ways of the Spirit that I struggle immensely with where to go & what to do. Maybe you could describe your own journey post-awakening (because seriously, who in their right mind would work for the Church AFTER being awakened…); what has helped, what has hindered you in your forward progress along the Rod.

    This is not to say that silence is not valuable. A fast from all sources of media would do us all well. Thanks for helping some of us wake up. Now to get out of bed.

  4. cesc101 says:

    I have been reading all these while without commenting, now I am inspired to do. But, alas am speechless! I pray you’ll find something for this reader to read soon enough before, lest he falls looses the fire in his soul and becomes unlighted.

  5. Nlocnil says:

    IT by Genesis from the album – The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

    When it’s cold, it comes slow
    It is warm, just watch it grow
    All around me
    It is here, it is now

    Just a little bit of it can bring you up or down
    Like the supper it is cooking in your hometown
    It is chicken, it is eggs, it is in between your legs
    It is walking on the moon, leaving your cocoon

    It is the jigsaw, it is purple haze

    It never stays in one place, but it’s not a passing phase
    It is in the single’s bar, in the distance of the face
    It is in between the cages, it is always in a space
    It is here, it is now

    Any rock can be made to roll if you’ve enough of it to pay the toll
    It has no home in words or goal, not even in your favorite hole
    It is the hope for the dope when you ride the horse without a hoof.
    It is shaken, not stirred, cocktails on the roof

    When you eat right through it you see everything alive
    It is inside spirit, with enough grit to survive
    If you think it’s pretentious, you’ve been taken for a ride
    Look across the mirror son, before you choose, decide
    It is here, it is now, it is real, it is real

    ‘Cause it’s only knock and know all, but I like it
    Yes it’s only knock and know all, but I like it
    Yes it’s only knock and know all, but I like it, I like it ,I like it
    Only knock and know all, but I like it, like it, like it
    Like it all around me, like it all around me
    ‘Cause I like it, like it, like it, like it

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