Inviting All Clever Geniuses!

A Challenge to Clever Scientistical Genius Unbelievers:

I am saying ____________________________.

Thus, _________________________________.

Fill it in, however you’d like, and argue against it. 

Your Challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to misunderstand what a person is saying, and then to argue against what they are not saying!

Let this post stand in, whenever you feel the urge to read a post concerning something you’ve decided is built by fraudulent (legal term!) designing men.  Why bother reading a blog post about something you’ve decided is fake?  In order to patrol the boundaries of truth, of course!  We mustn’t allow a person to say something disagreeable, without pointing that out!

You have been called to the Correlation Committee of the Ex-Mormon Church.  So, Patrol away, free thinking liberal minded scientistical geniuses!  Insist that I am saying X, and that X is stupid!

I’ve also provided a list of “smart” sounding terms and phrases you can use in your reply to my absurd claims.  Consider it free therapy.

Fool, dummy, lazy, ignorant, don’t you know about ___?, straw man!, Ad Hominen!, Modus Tollens!, QED, Ergo, Liar!, Idiot, Plagiarist, and so on. 

Feel free to add your clever replies below!

Seriously, use your anonymous monikers to comment on something no one said, and then call me names, having read nothing I’ve written, not even the post.  So much arrogance, vanity, and ignorance all rolled up in a blog comment does make me laugh.  I do reserve the right to change your comments into even funnier ones. 



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  2. So, you’re saying I’m obviously in the Ex-Mormon Church just because I clearly and carefully read your whole post here? Only an ignoramus non sequitur would make such an ass, Ershun. (or whatever your real name is)

  3. This post isn’t insulting at all. It’s a great commentary on modern society and internet comments in general.

    I’m gonna have a go with it:

    Daymon, you’re saying that you believe every single word of the Book of Mormon was given directly by God’s mouth to Joseph Smith when he read them off to scribes, but don’t you know about the scientific proofs of the DNA of every single American Indian ergo it has to be a forgery because your arguments are nothing but straw man, ad hominem attempts from an idiot. You are therefore no different than Smith who was a fraudulent, cheating, horrible, lying, adulterous man in every single aspect of his life including every conversation he ever had with anybody, especially with his wife Emma.

  4. More lies! Liar. _____________. and _______________.? Are you kidding me? Well, I am a clever genus and I can prove it, because that’s not even proper morse code. Don’t you know about, um, Johnuel H. Morse, the inventor of morse code? Morse was the greatest plagiarist known to mankind, but an idiot like you couldn’t play the plagiar to save your ignorant life. You’d probably just stand around holding it like some dummy. Hehe, don’t even know what end to blow in, do ya? Fool.

    I haven’t been this offended since that time at Pirate Island when the lazy straw man came around handing out straws and twisting up stupid balloon animals and begging $5 off of me for “college tuition.” Moron. He was probably listening to Ad Hominem and his weird-ass “rap music” that day when he accidentally burned the place down, and now what am I going to do when I want to eat at Pirate Island and can’t because IT’S BEEN BURNED DOWN?

    Yeah, I read these crappy “posts” of yours and I know what to think. I can imagine you as Ergo, Dr. Frankenstein’s twisted lackey, sitting all hunch-backed at his computer, typing whatever evil thoughts come into his dim little mind. Oh, I know all about Frankenstein and Ergo from a documentary I saw on QED channel 7. You scab.

    And so on.

  5. You know Daymon, I stand all amazed at your child-like conclusion.
    So, what you are saying is people who comment on your blog haven’t read your writings; those who have actually read it, do so with strong bias against whatever they’re reading from you. Thus whatever comments they post are merely Ad Hominous.

    Geez, I think you’ve just lost on! 🙂

  6. There is compelling evidence that Joseph didn’t actually see or do many of the things he claimed, stupid. I prefer to think about Joseph Smith for what he must have been, unlike some morons. (Wow! That there is still such a thing as “folk magic” is really interesting–not.) What Smith managed to do was a certain kind of performance in a certain cultural and historical situation that is no longer relevant..duh! His life is a testimony to the peculiarities of his time and culture, not to the authenticity of The Book of Mormon…idiots.

  7. Mormonism is a subject that is debated constantly. I think people sometimes go a little too far with it but its a personal choice. Mormonism is not an operation that should be considered lightly. Try to be as specific as is possible when considering the changes to it you would like to see. I have friends that have worked with Mormons for years. Some people have amazing success with Mormons, it really depends on who you choose to work with. Mormons often makes me wonder about our world. There are various risks associated with any kind of -ism, and Mormonism isn’t any different.

  8. Daymon:

    I am saying JS must be a mad prophz because he suffered so much (no one would suffer that much unless he was the real deal). Thus, all the atheists unbelievers are a bunch of liars because they don’t suffer as much as JS (so I don’t really believe you believe JS is not a legit modern prophet).

    My Response to my Daymon voicing:

    You can’t be serious, Daymon. That was such a straw man argument. We all know there are way better arguments against Joseph Smith than the good old triple dog dare you to write a book like the Book of Mormon. Seriously, Daymon, have you not read Fawn Brodie?
    And a dollar isn’t folk magic! Another ad hominin on your part.
    There are plenty of “prophets” that have convinced people that they have a special message for the world. Get your head out of the sand. QED we win, you lose.
    P.S. Na na na boo boo stick your head in doo doo.

  9. Where is the meta-text book explaining the meta-text you wrote of the original meta-text book, or the book of mormon?

    I thought we were trying to get away from meta-text? Who says that your meta-text is any more “truthful” or “porous” to allow growth than what someone else has meta-texted into existence?

    With all this meta-text going around, including the meta-text I’m currently typing, what can be done to remedy this overflow of meta-text?

    The answer is obvious. We must all immediately cease all forms of communications with everything in existence. This will surely solve the problem, duh.


    1. You make this too easy, Jesús. Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you! That’s why I’m here, baby. I supply all the “real” meaning you seek–the solutions to all your straw man problems. Unwittingly, you’re not too far off in your sarcasm. Peace, be still, and know that I am God. Only be absolutely sure to take care of those damn teeth…no unclean thing, and all that.

      It’s Never Too Late To Start

      If you know what’s going on in your mouth you’ll be able to spot a dentist that’s trying to recommend more than what you need. Most people don’t enjoy going to the dentist that can end up costing you a lot of money in the end. As you start to narrow down your list of potential dentists, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment with a few of them. Meeting your potential dentist and their staff one-on-one will give you an immediate feel for their professionalism. “Metatext” is often said, but I don’t know, anymore.

  10. Oh my word. You people are sad. Or perhaps, you (singular) are sad, as it seems most of these comments are coming from the same person with a bunch of aliases. Even JS wouldn’t need the seer stones to see that.
    Friends, what is even sadder is that each one of you(or, the one of you- whatever rocks your one-man dingy) is that for all your attacks on JS, he, JS, gets the last laugh, as every time one of you yap on about him, you make that ‘alleged’ prophecy of his name being spoken evil of (ya’ll remember that Moroni cat who apparently stated that?!) come true. LOL It is hilarious to me that you guy(s) hate the man and his BoM yet you put forth time and effort into making that Moronic (which would you a ‘moron’ LOL …this is getting better! ) prohecy come true!!

    Seriously though, I can’t stand the while teamsports culture thing. Thus, it’s logical to me that I won’t give it one ounce of thought, won’t spend time and effort watching a game live or on tv, won’t buy a team tshirt and DEFINITELY won’t discuss it on blogs and websites of folks who are ‘fooled’ into that whole thing when I can instead spend my time on the things I actually love, ie watching someone watching ants climb up a wall out back of an abandoned manure farm (a lot more fun for you guys…and right up your intelligence alley). Or, for someone less intelligent than you, perhaps just hanging out at the park with your kids. Or friends. I’m sure all your aliases will love your company! Try it…1st 30 days free!

    But if not, I hope you’re all equal opportunity key-bored warriors- go attack all the OTHER world scripture/prophets…there are plenty: Bahai’s, Hindus, Muslims. And more.

    As for me, I hate all teamsports equally. So I’m just gonna spend time on what i LOVE: keep reading the BoM instead. And Daymon’s stuff too. You?

    1. Aw, gee mom. Everywhere I go, you’re there to ruin the fun. Now you made me waste like 15 aliases today.

      (Hey, where’s my intelligence alley? Did you and pop buy me one? Are Wally’s initials “JS?” Let’s go bowling!)

  11. The last few comments could’ve been a Frank Zappa song lyric

    And thank you- I come to Daymon’s blog for the same reason

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