Broken News! Machines Un-Sea-Lion The Book of Nephi! Re-Reform Egypt Word To See!

I give to you the Machine Translation of the First Chapter of the Book of Nephi.  Newly restored to its Arabic-Hebrew Origins!  Original Chiasmus Revealed, as is the true story of Lehi, in what appears to be a briefly jotted diary of Nevers, aka, Oasis.

The number of Nevers
Office & administration.
Lehi and Sariah‘s wife and children 4 and …
Name: (beginning with the oldest) Samuel, Sam, page, wings.
Lord warns Lehi in Jerusalem, Israel. G-d the people concerned, ONAM.
They want to ruin his life. The trip takes three days.
Into the desert with his family. Man in Nivelles.
Weritornith to Israel after log in.
Jews. Account suffering. They take girls.
Ishmael to wife. They take their families and go.
Talking. Suffering. And in the desert.
During their travel. They come to the water.
Neve brothers rebel against him. He konvondith, and
With the ship. They call the name of the place bountiful. They
Crossing the great water to the promised land, and so on. This
Calculation of OASIS; In other words, me, Neve, writing this record.
Chapter 1
1 OASIS, was born to parents fun! Even I, Learning about learning, my father… And after seeing Many lesion in my day, however, there already a favorite to God all my life; Yes, he has Good knowledge of the mystery of God.  This is why I’m making my record of proceedings in my days.

2 In my father’s language, it: These include the study of Jews and language Egypt.

3 and I know that I give is correct and not to do it. With his hand, as far as I know it.

and 13 early in the freshman year. The reign of zedekiah King of Judah, (my father, Lehi, In Jerusalem at the same time), and in the same year. Prophets ‘ expectations many people have. Repentance, or the great city of Jerusalem must be destroyed!

5 and it came to pass that my father, Israel freedom fighters, also went. Pray to God, but from the heart, On behalf of the people.
6 weviai as he prayed to Hashem, by hook or by crook!  Pillar of fire sat on a rock in front of him, and he saw. I’ve heard a lot, and because of the things which we have seen and heard this:
Earthquake shaking so!
7, Vijay and he returned home. Jerusalem.  He flung himself on his bed to help with The spirit.  The things that he saw!
8 and so it is with the Holy Spirit, In the vision, although he saw heaven opened and he thought it was,
I saw the Lord sitting on a Chair, surrounded by several Netivot angels in the attitude of singing and praising About God.
9 weviai saw one descending In the midst of heaven, and he predicted that Brcko was over The Sun at noon.
10 and he also saw 12 others follow.  Their All the stars in the sky.
11, the name of the Earth! And I came, my father stood before him. Multiple integral, he needs to read.
12 and this time read. Vijay was full …The spirit of God.
13 and he said: Wu, Wu, to Jerusalem. Profanity only!. Yes, a lot of reading to my father. With regard to Jerusalem, it was supposed to be destroyed, and Him; have to die by the sword, and many Should be a prisoner to Babylo.
14 weviai when he called, my father! And see a lot of wonderful things, lots of things. The masters, that’s wonderful!  Your work, Sir, Blessed be!
And a high palate! And, And compassion, all the inhabitants of the Earth, Are you…art merciful, hatch, can’t stand it. Come to you because they will be lost!
15 and after this manner of language did my father. In praise of God, the soul is not happy!  And everything. In full, because the things I see, Yes, Jesus showed him.
16 and now I am, Neve, did not provide a full description.
My dad says that Jehovah God was many things. He saw in visions and dreams; My grandfather‘s House, and he also wrote, “There are a lot of things.” He predicted his children, from….I don’t do full account.
17 but I will make my account in my day. Here I am, my father’s record shortcut:

Dishes made with hands! Why?  After The default for record sums.

Life itself.
18. therefore, you should know that after I see a lot of wonderful things for my father, Lehi, With regard to the destruction of Jerusalem, and here he comes between people and declare them. Things we’ve seen and heard!


    1. Well, not really, but I’ll give it a swing.

      LDS are always trying to prove the book of Mormon is true based on some ancient patterns (chiasmus / hebraic word orders) and get so caught up in that crap that they never ponder on the actual text. I actually had some moron on my mission (zone leader, actually) that was way into that crap. He talked about how if you translate “my father dwelt in a tent” into Hebrew and the back into English it actually becomes something like “my father worshiped in a temple/tabernacle.” Moronic rubbish.

      Historically, Daymon has pointed out we really don’t know anything about the ancient Hebrew people, just traditions that have come through Deuteronomists / GA church through a corrupt book (the bible). Those traditions are unreliable according to the book of Mormon. So why invest our time trying to make the the book of Mormon text fit into the traditions it says are wrong? It’s stupid (like this wonderful post).

      How’d I do, Daymon?

    2. Yesterday’s assigned topic in sacrament meeting was REVELATION, and while listening to those inspired talks, the eyes of my understanding were opened and the TRUTH of this recovered Arabic-Hebrew writing was laid bare before me. This clarifies a great many things indeed. It is not as we have been taught, but even truer still. Daymon has got THE STUFF, and it’s real. It is.

      Here is my inspired re-interpretation of this newly restored restoration:

      Lehi, an EGYPTIAN MAN (TRUTH!), while relocating corporate Israel Freedom Fighters business, is persecuted by terrorists in JERUSALEM! Fleeing this hardship, he is REFORMED in the ways of romance via BOLLYWOOD (where the LORD, witnessing smoothness and swagger, bestows the word, VIJAY), becoming in the end a JEWISH FRENCHMAN. Hence the REFORMED EGYPTIAN.

      Neve/Nevers/OASIS is the OFFSPRING, by HOOK or by CROOK and the pillar of fire sat on a rock! Oh, ho! He flung himself on his bed, did he? I bet he did! Wu, Wu, to Jerusalem. Get it? This is very clear now. This is obviously fertility writing, classic Arab-Hebrew forms. Classic.

      So it’s all corroborated, and we can operate on a higher level of understanding and with greater certainty. Of course, it is the Spirit that yields the true witness, but it certainly helps to have this level of academic backing. Thanks, Daymon, for bringing this to light.

    3. I just feed the text into Google translate, into its native Hebrew, and then sent it through Arabic because that also is like Reformed Egyptian, and viola, restored English translation without the pesky need for inspiration, suitable for Preach My Gospelism or whatever purpose one would like to put the book to.

      1. I, for one, find it amazing that you can now use Google to recover the original Arabic-Hebrew and arrive at the true story of Lehi. This proves that our leaders truly are inspired:

      2. Technology these days sure makes everything easier. I think if Enos would of had access to the interwebs his story would have been different. Plus he could have used Google translate to put it directly into English instead of the tiresome Hebrew->Reformed Egyptian->Inspired Translation English.

        “Spiritual and hungry; and I sat in front of my computer, I cry for the Google search engine and click on the mighty myself of it; and throughout the day I am looking for Google. Yes, and when night and I have not my main query to my open tabs and reached to the sky.
        The blog came to me and said: Hey you, there is no need to look in the Bible, and just read bloggernacle, and make the blessed or at least intelligent of these tunnels. And I, Enos, knew that Google can not lie. Why is it my fault ran aground.
        And I said, Google, how to do it?
        He said to me that.”

  1. It’s a really good idea. I think I will do it from now on everything I write. Maybe one day you will get well enough that I can speak it too.

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