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A few friends (who often contribute to this blog) and I have published an app for Android phones:

A Keyboard.  A clever keyboard called KeyJeeBoard.

This keyboard is unlike others, for reasons explained at the Google Play Store.

KeyJeeBoard comes in a Full Version and a Free Trial Version.

Please download and positively review this app (while alerting us to bugs, of course).  And promote it as widely as possible, wherever appropriate.

It is appropriate for all ages, and for all races, religions, and creeds, sexual orientations and gender identities.

It makes typing on a mobile device a little more human friendly.  And it’s pretty cool, and was made by a some good guys (they did most of the work, really).


I am asking you for help with getting this project more widely known, to give it some legs.




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  1. Tried it out. I ultimately went back to Fleksy. I like the key layout and functionality of it more. On KeyJeeBoard I found that even with the disappearing keys I still made typos. I also found it a little disorienting to have the keys completely disappear. It would be better if they were faded out instead of invisible. I like the idea, but I don’t think it is there yet. Hope this is helpful.

    I’m leaving feedback here because I refuse to have a Google+ account.

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