KeyJeeBoard Demo


A little better feel for the KeyJeeBoard, from a demo video.  Eventually I may get back to positing about Mormon stuff…


  1. Andrew S says:

    well, this is probably something that can be fixed. For example, if I start typing the word download, then after I get to downl-, the only letter available to me is o, then a, then d. So it knows I want to type download but doesn’t auto complete for it. Id imagine that could be an easy fix.

    I think keyboards in the android ecosystem are generally mature so newcomers have a lot of competition. This is an intriguing idea for sure, but probably not enough for me to use as the daily driver.

  2. Two-Pac Shaker says:

    Yes can’t wait for you to do what you do best- talk ‘mormon’ (really? I’d say more talk about the truths that exist, and that may overlap into mormonland.)

    Here’s an idea or nine to get you back onbtrack-

    1. Where’d Lehi land?
    2. Probable that the journey east
    Included a downward trip to Cumoros Islands which has Moroni as its capital? If so or not, what a strange coincidence to Cumorah and Moroni in the Book of Mormon.
    3. Could Lehi have passed by land over Afghanistan, India, China & Japan before heading east and landing in California perhaps? That seems like a trajectory that makes sense.
    4. Perhaps this is why India and Japan have tribes recently come forth that speak in Hebrew for centuries and call themselves Jews? And yes, despite ‘looking ‘ like what we envision ‘jews’ to look like in our white-orientated bias.
    5. Could this be why there seems to be evidence of ancient chinese/asian culture in the california region?
    6. If 6 were 9…so I’ll ask one more:
    Who is Jehovah, who is Yahweh and who is the God of the Old Testament? And how do any of these identify with Jesus the Eternal Father who became the Son, or Adam the first man without a mortal father who became the Father of Jesus (thru the Holy Ghost…not Brigham Youngs version)? Is Michael also Adam as Joseph Smith taught?

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