KeyJeeBoard Flip / Cloak

We added two really cool features to the KeyJeeBoard: Flip and Cloak


Flip your text upside down, with the press of a button.  The “flip” button.

Why would you want to invert your text message?  Why not?  It also makes computer snooping a bit more difficult.

Snooping: we’ve also added a “cloaking” l33t speak conversion, also at the press of a key.  The “l33t” key.

Why would you want to cloak your t3>t m3$$@ge or e^^@il?  So computers cannot snoop it, sell your information to marketers or to the N$@, and so on.  And why not?


  1. day2mon says:

    Are you asking if I’m going to post on KJB again? I might. If a post here and there bothers you enough to make not reading the other stuff seem reasonable, by all means, unsubscribe. There are, I understand, ads added to my posts that benefit others I don’t know, which don’t seem to bother anyone.

    You come here and learn for free, knowledge which costs me decades of study and thought and training, and vast amounts of money, to acquire and share. I ask nothing in return, and won’t. You are overhearing, you are not paying me to talk. As a consequence, I also get to say or do whatever I feel like here, having made no promises to you or anyone about what I’m going to do in the future.

    Might I insult you with another post on something I and a few friends (who frequently add their knowledge here, so you directly may benefit from their labor) happen to value, and often also share for FREE? I probably will.

    In fact, that may be ALL I post from now on: recipes, pants, software, cupcakes. It might be a post on a pair of shoes I’m selling on Amazon. Deal with it, ignore it, or don’t. Your loss. I’m letting you overhear me.

    If the value of the free education you have available here is judged of so little worth, as to make a few things you don’t like outweigh everything else, please do unsubscribe. Or download the software, tell your friends… or just stop being a D/c#.

    1. antauljn says:

      Daymon, I take it you are responding to a person whose reply has been deleted? Even though I don’t know what they said, I agree with your reply. And I am very grateful that you freely share your thoughts here – and for the time you freely shared your new books here (I ended up buying the set, even though I could download them and read them free over the course of time).

      1. day2mon says:

        thanks toni, i appreciate your support.

  2. Ryan says:

    Consuming free content is a hard life.

  3. pmccombs says:

    The KJB project interests me because we made it without any kind of official organization, programs, methodologies, hierarchies, rules, managers, contracts, etc., etc. We didn’t even necessarily share the same ideas, interests, expertise, or knowledge. In spite of all that, the project came together, and it works. And today I figured out how to hack my Amazon Kindle so that I can install stuff from the Google Play store, and I got the KJB working on it. It looks ugly on the tablet, but it was a cool little project to work on, and now the challenge is to make it look nice on something besides a phone.

    In my mind, the keyboard project is a demonstration of some kind of practical economics– of people choosing to be together and work on something without any need to be correlated or standardized or otherwise prevailed upon by anybody.

    Once I read something that Eric Hoffer wrote about being on skid row in Los Angeles in the ’30s, and how the public works people came and hauled all the bums up to the mountains and had them build a road. Hoffer figured that, between them all, they could have built America on a mountainside in San Bernadino County if they had wanted to do it. Instead, they laid a boring strip of asphalt, letting the feds have their way. “I have always had the feeling that the people I live and work with are lumpy with talent,” says Hoffer, “What we know with certainty is not that talent and genius are rare exceptions but that all through history talent and genius have gone to waste on a vast scale.” It’s because we feel like all of our meaning, our gospels, our priesthoods, have to come from somewhere else; as if we were nothing in ourselves.

    I draw no distinction between church and work and goofing off with a group of weird guys just for fun. It’s all one thing, when we recognize a signal and make something of it. It was a stupid idea to let someone draw a line denoting where the spirit ends and the body begins, so if I find a project mixed up among notions of uncorrelated mormonism, there is no offense in it. It’s just the idea coming real is all.

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