Baby, Day One

My wife Amber delivered a healthy little boy today, and I thought I’d share it with friends here.  We are wavering between naming him Kew Finn and Finn Kew…


NOTE: The above post is an unrelated personal matter, which I hope doesn’t offend the very serious, time-constrained readers who want only The Truth All The Time (for free! without delay!).

A Provisional Map

Exhausting summer…

Here’s a little essay I wrote up for a few friends.  It attempts to rely on the Book of Mormon to locate ourselves on a gospel map, of sorts, summarizing a little of what I’ve already published.  By “Gospel” I mean a good spell/story.


There’s actually the City of Saints not pictured, a little Libretto I rather enjoy; and my dissertation, of course.

And I started this blog five years ago, and have met some good friends, from it, and am a very different person than I was when it started.

At some point I’m planning on publishing in book-form what I’ve published here (two more volumes!), alongside a few stray essays (like the promised presentation on Doubt).

Incidentally, it may surprise readers that I do believe the Book of Mormon is what Joseph Smith said it was.  And that Ezekiel 20 has superseded Ezekiel 14, in my mind.  Enjoy and thanks for reading (from among) that stack of books…and for helping me, and for helping me think.

A Provisional Map_DMS