Words of the Faithful (2017)

New BookWords of the Faithful.  And Yes, I am serious.


Probably not what you were expecting.

Me neither.

A happy surprise…

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  1. yogalife24 says:

    Ordered it. Mesmerized. Long ago Tolkien was life. Here he is reborn with fresh eyes and ears. I recognize now that my study of the J.R.R. was not in vain. Somehow, it prepared me to understand you here. I thank you for this new journey. Whatever you are.

  2. yogalife24 says:

    Also, you mentioned in Appendix B: Some Articulations that you had published a book called Book of Mormon in Three Volumes. I haven’t seen this anywhere and I have read most of your published works. Where would I find this?
    Many thanks.

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