Varied Material

Just a page with more recent essays on various subjects:


Personal Favorites

Like Unto = Evil


Apostasy and the Church

On the Evening of Joseph’s Nativity

Reap the Whirlwind

Parable of the Shoes: Restorationism

Mammon in Three Acts

Geneology, I am doing it



On the End of the World

Sandy Hook



Claremont Conference Paper

Brazilian Mormon Studies Presentation

How Mormons Leave


Mormons in the News

Not a Bad Year

Sports Illustrated Kids

FAZ Story

NY Times

Bloom’s NYT Essay

Bloomberg’s Problems

Mitt’s Invitation to Sustain the Brethren

Conversations with Mitt

Lay Leadership Graphic


General Conference

Pre-Released Talks!

New Product

Another GC Product

Pope Wanted

Primary Program

LDS Church Announces New Thing

LDS Church Announces Nothing


Strange Roads

Ritual Spirals

Tent People

More on Tent People

Cargo Cults



Stand and Be Counted

Favorite Theses from BYU


Corporation Nonsense

Bloomberg News Pre-Release

Perpetual Miseducation Fun!

Solution for Priesthood Scarcity

Petition for Financial Non-Disclosure 

On Priestcraft

City Creek

City Ordinances

Church Charity By The Numbers

Scriptures NOT a good investment guide!

Feed the Poor and Money’s Gone!


Women and Priesthood

Magic Powers

Women and Priesthood: Daughters Ordained

Women and Priesthood: Inquired of the Lord?

Eve’s Dropping

For the Record

Pants to Church Day




Proclamation On Race for FHE

Illin’ Newsroom Prophecy



BYU Library

UVU Library


Ensign Peak

Ensign Peak round one

Ensign Peak round two



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