Words of the Faithful

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1/8  Introduction & Parts One and Two of the Tale of Izilba.

2/8  Part Two of the Tale of Izilba.

3/8  Part Three of the Tale of Izilba

4/8  Concluding the Tale of Iziliba and starting the Lay of Zhera’

5/8  The Lay of Zhera’, cont’d.

6/8  Concluding the Lay of Zhera’, and the Tale of Friends begins.

7/8  The Tale of Friends concluded.

8/8  Ancient words and Appendix


coverAlbumSlumberedWords of Them which have Slumbered

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1/7  Introduction and Tale of Friends (cont’d)

2/7  Of Joseph and His Companion

3/7  Dior’s Inheritance

4/7  Every Hill of Valinor & Some Few Great Things

5/7  Where Happiness Replanted

6/7   A House Broken

7/7  Of Arda’s Wars


And The Silmarillion