Book of Mormon History Presentation Files

A friend has reposted the audio files from last year’s Phoenix presentation on the history of the Book of Mormon.  This is a very summary version of what I’m writing currently, but more or less follows the books as an outline.


Don’t know how long the files will be up, so if you’d like, download and pass around.



  1. Daymon,

    Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed your presentation. Too bad I couldn’t see all the slides as you went along.

    I look forward to seeing some of the visuals in the future about this topic.

  2. These ~3 hours of audio have provided much by way of friendly family discussion. There are several major take home points from this lecture, but the two that have resonated the loudest for me are 1) The BoM as the ideal text to have upon “awakening” from a deep sleep. What an invigorating challenge! 2) The reference in Helaman 8 (tough to tell whether it’s Mormon’s interjection or if he’s quoting Nephi) where “he” states that the order of the fathers goes back many thousands of years. This would attest to Abraham bumping into some interesting/familar ideas in Egypt.

    Your efforts are appreciated. Keep it up. For what it’s worth, people are both listening and hearing to what you have to say.


    1. Thanks Phil. The first volume of the cultural history should be out later this month, and the second volume a month after that. I hope.

  3. Daymon, been lurking for a while, love your writing and making sense of a lot the mormon history mess. Can’t wait for your first volume later this month.

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