The Cultural History of the Book of Mormon

Every book is available in Paperback on Amazon and on Kindle.

For the Abridging Works, here


The Phoenix PowerPoint Presentation on the Cultural History (Aug 2012)

On Imagining the Book of the Lamb

Volume 1

Volume 1: Setting, a foundation, of stones to stumble over

Review of Volume 1 by Rock Waterman

Excerpts from Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 2A: voicing being power

Volume 2B: Follies Epic and Novel

Excerpts from 2A and 2B

Volume 3

Beta Waves: The Cycles of Deep Sleep

Delta Waves: The Cycles of Deep Sleep

Volume 4

Part A: What Dreams Have Come

Part B: Bodies of Word

Volume 5

Book Fantasia


  1. MIchael T. says:

    Is there a estimated release date for the unified volumes 3 and 4?

    1. day2mon says:

      they are out, but only available at Utah bookstores, or at the publisher, Createspace. I think the link is found on the notice of publication, but will check for sure :

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